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In preparation for Murray Bridge to commence racing on Wednesday 19 December, GRSA will host a picnic meeting on Wednesday, 12 December.

This will be a day meeting starting at 11.15am with only named and cleared greyhounds invited to be drawn into half fields conducted every 15 minutes.
Kennelling will be from 10.15am to 10.45am.
Greyhounds will be graded into events as if they had not raced at the venue based on normal grading guidelines. Distances will be 395m, 455m, 530m. All races will run into the Catching Pen

Nominations close at 9am on Friday 7 December and can be done via the ozchase online process or by fax.

Fields will be announced on Friday 7 December with all nominated greyhounds being selected.
For 4 or 3 dog fields GRSA will pay $175 for first and $50 for second after scratching’s. For 2 or less GRSA will pay $125 for first only after scratchings.
GRSA will pay $20 for those greyhounds not receiving prizemoney. 
GRSA will pay $60 per trainer at the meeting.

For further information please contact the GRSA on 08 8243 7100.

Please note:
- Performances at the picnic meetings are non-penalty. Results will show up in a greyhound’s form but will not have any bearing on a greyhound’s future selection prospects.
- GRSA reserves the right to alter or change any conditions of this meeting depending on nominations received.