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Whilst racing at Murray Bridge will require Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) to establish a new racing schedule, equally important is the development of a new trialling schedule.

GRSA is extremely conscious of having a trialling schedule that gives trainers from all regions the opportunity to participate as conveniently as possible.  The schedule must allow trainers to not only prepare their greyhounds for race meetings, but also to educate younger greyhounds in the very early stages of their careers.

The proposed trialling schedule below (for the Adelaide region only) needed to consider the following important factors, including but not limited to track utility, resourcing, travel times, trainer circumstances and track access issues.

Management wishes to emphasise that the trialling schedule is still at a draft stage and GRSA seeks feedback from the industry on whether the proposed schedule generally meets the needs of all participants.

Feedback can be sent to Racing Manager Shaun Mathieson at or via the GRSA Closed Facebook Page where this release will also be posted.  We welcome your feedback on this critical aspect of future scheduling.


NB. As the trial days at Mount Gambier will remain unchanged, they have not been included as part of this process.



Adelaide Region & Racing Schedule


Day Race Meetings Trial Sessions

Monday Angle Park (Night) Gawler (Morning - 7am)

Tuesday Gawler (Day) Murray Bridge 1-Turn Track  Only (Night - 7pm)

Wednesday Murray Bridge (Day - Fortnightly) Angle Park (Night - 7pm)

Straight Track Only Murray Bridge (Morning - 10am) Both Tracks - Only when not racing.

Thursday Angle Park (Night) Gawler (Morning - 7am)

Friday Gawler (Day/Twilight) Murray Bridge (Morning - 7am) - Both Tracks

Saturday  - Angle Park (Morning - 7am)

Sunday Murray Bridge (Twilight) -

1-Turn Track