Adele’s Entity ready to fire at the Meadows Written by: Lachlan Mill
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Whilst South Australia won’t have any racing on Saturday, we will have some interstate representation with Adrien Chevalier taking his kennel star, Adele’s Entity over to the Meadows on Saturday night, to target a grade 5 heat and final race. The decision to head away from Angle Park has been made to try and find some confidence for the brindle chaser.


“She’s not really going through that first turn at Angle Park with much venom at the moment. Over the 530 it just seems she’s not the same dog out there at the moment so we had to change it up. Mount Gambier was our other option but I thought if she trials well at the Meadows then we will just go there instead.” - Adrien Chevalier


This will be the first interstate trip in many years for Adrien, and the first time with a genuine hope.


“I took Zipping Olga a long time ago, but she was out of her class, it was more to get out of the house! It’s my first time in about 3 or 4 years.”


Adrien took Adele’s Entity for a trial at the Meadows on Monday morning, in which she went particularly well.


“We left at 1:30am in the morning, stopped at Keith and then Horsham to give her an empty. We got to the Meadows at 9:45am and trialed at 10:06, so if I did it again I would leave a lot earlier!” She ran 30.19, 5.07 early and 17.84 up the back. Her run home was a bit flat but I expected that. I spoke to Anthoy Azzopardi after and he said he would be bloody rapt with that run.’”


“She traveled brilliantly, pretty much slept the entire way there and home. She hasn’t missed a beat since we’ve come back.”


In terms of how Adele’s Entity rates with Adrien on the list of dogs he has trained, she is definitely the best.


“Victa Judy we never saw the best of, she could have been anything but didn’t chase. I rated her really highly because of some of the sections she reeled off without even thinking about it. As a race dog, Adele’s Entity is by far the best.”


If Adele’s Entity is to win on Saturday night, she will have to knock off some handy dogs, including Tiberia Bale, who made the Melbourne Cup in 2021 and Here Comes Pie, who is a really promising young dog.


“If she’s gone 5.07 first look then who knows what she’s gonna do on Saturday. I wouldn’t put it past her to break 5.00 early. Tim (Aloisi) rates the six dog as the best (Here Comes Pie).”

The race will take place at 8:58pm on Saturday night.  ​