COVID-19 Restrictions To Pause Racing for Lockdown Written by:
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GRSA wishes to advise that given the latest COVID-19 Direction (The Emergency Management (Activities - Associated Direction No 2) (COVID-19) Direction 2021) from South Australian Government, greyhound racing will not continue during the 7-day SA COVID-19 lockdown that commenced tonight at 6pm. This includes racing and (with trials to be confirmed) until the scheduled end of lockdown on Tuesday 27th July at 6pm, subject to Government direction. Talks between the racing codes and Government were unable to secure a favourable outcome.
To support our participants and greyhounds, as was the case in November 2020, GRSA will pay a COVID support subsidy to participants based on the number of registered dogs at their kennels (as recorded in OzChase). For each day of lockdown that results in lost race meetings, a payment of $4 per dog per day (plus GST to GST registered participants). Payment will be made on Wednesday 28th July 2021. In the event that the lockdown goes longer than the current expectation of 7 days, GRSA will commit to the subsidy for one month, beyond which time a further review of ongoing industry support will be undertaken. The subsidy would be paid each Wednesday while in operation. If participants receive a subsidy that they don’t believe reflects the number of dogs at their kennels please advise GRSA by email at:
Please reach out to the appropriate staff at GRSA should you require assistance with any concerns. We will continually update you as things progress.
Take care and stay safe over this period