2021 Bayroad Queen Stayers Cup final - Box Draw Written by: racing
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The box draw for the 2021 Bayroad Queen Stayers Cup final for next Thursday 6th May was conducted on track tonight at Murray Bridge last night:

  1. New Year Tears                                         Ryan Tugwell
  2. Barbados Express                                     Ben Rawlings
  3. Springvale Anna                                       Bob Fletcher
  4. Bedrock Fred                                              Cherylee Barber
  5. Shanlyn Charlott                                       Vadim Roz
  6. Tapestry Tears                                             Lauren Harris
  7. Shadow Burner                                          Tony Rasmussen
  8. Oakvale Impact                                         Nathan Wilson
  9. Allegra (1st Res)                                           Gino Grgurovic
  10. Joe’s Gold (2nd Res)                                  Clint Trengove