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Next month the greyhounds are heading back to Virginia as coursing makes its return.

A great addition back to the racing calendar, coursing will kick off from Sunday 9th May with fortnightly Sunday meetings until September. Coursing provides extra racing opportunities for greyhounds to find form and fitness with many trainers swearing by it as a great way to assist in educating young pups in particular. Coursing also allows greyhounds who may prefer running in a smaller groups of 2 or 4 to shine.

 “There seems to be even more interest in coursing since the advent of the straight track at Murray Bridge.” stated Neil Mann, President of the GOTBA Committee. “Coursing is great for training and helping dogs who don’t like the turn and can assist in giving their attitude a different outlook.”

The GOTBA Committee, with the help of Greyhound Racing SA, is working to continue to make a few Virginia a great facility for both existing and new members of the club.

“The increase that we have seen in breeding activity this year has brought with it a large amount of new interest and members to coursing.” Neil said, “We are always happy to welcome new members.”

It is sure to be an exciting coursing calendar this year. If you would like further information on coursing and becoming a member speak to Neil Mann 0476 237 776 or Steve Coates 0409 229 529.

To view the coursing events on the GRSA calendar please visit:



Photo: Kurt Donsberg Photography