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As per the announcement of the SA State Government regarding cross border movement, Greyhound Racing SA is unable to accept any nominations from interstate trainers for any upcoming meetings. This will impact racing at Mount Gambier the most, which has historically relied upon a large percentage of Victorian trainers bringing their greyhounds for both the Sunday and Thursday race meetings. Whilst greyhound racing is allowed to continue in SA, the race meetings at Mount Gambier will need to rely on the strong support of local participants.


The good news for these impacted Victorian participants, is that the Victorian State Government has also allowed racing to continue in that state. Therefore participants in the far south-west of the state will still have access to the relatively close tracks of Warrnambool, Horsham and Ballarat to race their greyhounds.


The SA Government have stated that there will be some exemptions from the cross border restrictions. Residents who live near the border and make frequent crossings for essential goods and services can be classified as exempt. If an interstate trainer gains specific exemption to race their greyhound from the SA Government in SA during this period, then GRSA will accept their nomination based on the appropriate documentation being received from the trainer.