Pre-Race Preparation
Like any athlete, your greyhound will need nurturing and developing before it can fulfill its potential.
This will be the case, in particular, if you decide to buy a pup or an un-raced greyhound.
Registering and Naming your Greyhound
Every greyhound whelped and purchased in SA is ear branded and micro-chipped at approximately 8-12 weeks of age. When you purchase a greyhound you should receive a Naming and Registration Form that will be supplied by the breeder or available from  GRSA. To lodge this form you are required to be a registered owner.
Breaking In
Breaking In is a term used to describe an early education period that involves a greyhound attending “greyhound school” which consists of a training regime that is designed to prepare the greyhound for the race track. There are specialist breaking in centres where your greyhound will be taught to come out of the starting boxes and to chase the lure as well as race track trials.
Before a greyhound races, it must be presented to an official Marking and Identification Officer, together with the Naming and Registration Form. The Marking and Identification Officer will transfer the greyhounds’ markings onto the Naming and Registration Form, which when completed with suggested names and owners particulars is submitted to GRSA.
Owners will then receive the Official Registration Certificate along with the weight record card that is used to document your greyhound’s weight (at every race start) throughout its career.