Types of Ownership

Greyhound racing is the most affordable and easiest code of racing to become involved in.

There is no feeling like watching your greyhound win a race, whether it is at one of South Australias’ quality greyhound tracks, or before the bright lights of Angle Park, the spiritual home of greyhound racing in SA. You can determine the level of involvement and the amount of money you are willing to spend by choosing the ownership option that best suits you.

To be involved as an owner in the exciting sport of greyhound racing you have three options:

1. Sole Ownership
This involves owning a greyhound on your own and having complete control over decisions that are made regarding the greyhound. It also means that any costs associated with the greyhound have to be paid by you exclusively, however if your greyhound experiences success, once the trainer is paid their percentage, the remaining prizemoney is yours.

An application form to register as an owner can be downloaded here.

2. Partnership
A partnership consists of up to 10 people and it is a great way to become involved in greyhound racing with friends, family or colleagues. It will help split any associated costs and gives you the opportunity to share the experience with others.

To register as a partnership all part owners must be registered as an owner or owner/trainer.

3. Syndicate

Racing has lots of thrills and excitement, especially if you own a share in a racing greyhound.

People from all walks of life can participate in greyhound racing and syndication is an easy way to get started. A syndicate consists of between two and 20 members who own the racing greyhound and share the costs of purchase, kennelling, training and the winnings!. Syndicates work in much the same way as a partnership, however there is an appointed ‘Syndicate Manager’ who is responsible for managing the affairs of the ownership group. All members of the Syndicate must be registered as either an owner or an owner/trainer.

There are a number of syndicates registered that come about through sporting clubs, pubs and other groups of friends keen to experience the thrill of greyhound racing. 
Greyhound racing is an extremely exciting sport with over 2000 participants in SA. Get it together and share in Greyhound Racing SA’s prize money pool, which is over $5.5 million annually.

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