G-SIX Racing

What is G-SIX™ Racing?
G-SIX racing is an exciting, innovative trial of 6-dog racing at selected South Australian tracks

How is G-SIX racing different to the current format?
The format of G-SIX racing only differs in that the standard field size reduces from 8 to 6 dogs.

How does the box draw work?
G-SIX racing will adopt a standard approach to drawing six dog fields with vacancies in the 3 and 6 boxes.  The runners will still wear the rug colours which traditionally correlate to their box draw – ie 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8.  The reserves will carry the standard rug colours of 9 and 10.

Why G-SIX?
It is important for racing and sport generally to explore innovative ways to present itself.  As the controlling body, we need to look for new approaches to appeal to and engage with our wagering audience.

When does G-SIX start?
G-SIX will commence May 2 for a 3-month trial period.

Where will G-SIX run?
Angle Park, Gawler and Mount Gambier.  The dual tracks at the new Murray Bridge venue will continue with the traditional 8 dog format.  

What are the advantages of G-SIX?
• More races run at more race meetings
• Cleaner racing with less interference
• Stakemoney increases to SA trainers and owners, worth more than $1,000,000 annually
• The introduction of a new Thursday timeslot at Mount Gambier to enable consistent weekly scheduling at both Murray Bridge and Mount Gambier

How does G-SIX affect the current racing schedule?
The racing schedule will expand to accommodate two weekly meetings at each of its TAB venues. The introduction of G-SIX will signal the introduction of a consistent Thursday afternoon timeslot at Mount Gambier and enable racing at Murray Bridge each Wednesday.  The commencement of G-SIX racing will coincide with the introduction of straight-track racing at Murray Bridge.

How will G-SIX racing affect the 3rd place dividend for wagering?
No 3rd place dividend will apply to G-SIX racing as is the normal practice for 6-dog fields.  It follows that place dividends for 1st and 2nd will be relatively inflated as a result.

Will all races at the selected venues run in G-SIX format? 
Yes, with the exception of a handful of specified feature events held during the 3-month trial including:

- Breeders 2019 Prelude (2) 
- Bayroad Queen Stayers Cup 
- AGRC/GRSA Auction (388m)
- Howard Ashton
- Shane McQueen 
- AGRC/GRSA Auction (515m)
- Champion Puppy
- Gawler Produce Stake
- Gawler Breeders 2019  
(subject to alterations or additions as required by GRSA)