2020 EASTAR Match Race


After last night’s meeting and today’s meeting at Angle Park is all ready for next weeks “Eastar” Match Race series to be held on Thursday night, 9th April (Easter) at headquarters. 

This event is for South Australian local greyhounds. Selection for this series is based around winning times at Angle Park for greyhounds that have run over the 515m at any Angle Park meeting since 1st December, 2019 along with those that have trialled to set a time. 

Listed below is the refined list of the top 20 eligible greyhounds that have won and broken 30 seconds at Angle Park since 1st December, 2019 including those that have trialled. We have also broken the times down to 4 decimal points for those greyhounds that ran similar times. 

Trainers will now need to nominate on Monday at 9am with GRSA for the Match Race series to confirm their position –

1.    Alfieri – 29.4911

2.    Maddison Kaye – 29.60

3.    Axel Footluce – 29.61

4.    Two Times Twice - 29.6146

5.    Cairnlea Ebony – 29.6183

6.    It’s A Riot – 29.63

7.    Wooden Tiger – 29.6363

8.    Double By Design – 29.6364

9.    Boss McLaren – 29.66

10.Spring Cuervo – 29.6604

11.Eedee Keepsake – 29.6624

12.Spring Vinnie – 29.6684

13.Fantastic Reef – 29.68

14.Bailey Rocks – 29.7000

15.Springvale Ortiz – 29.71

16.I’m Top Girl – 29.7190

17.Danyo’s Charlie – 29.7410

18.Rock It Fernando – 29.76

19.Wild Marilyn – 29.77

20.Feelin’ – 29.78

Some greyhounds not on the list are either ineligible, injured or racing Interstate and are not available for the series even though they have won in quick times during this period. These greyhounds are Coorong Lucy, Soda Crash, Shadow Burner, Spring Fair, Super Blu, American Man, Cawbourne Terry, Emerley Fabbro, Master Chaos, Tornado Alley and Aston Alessio.

The head to head matches will be decided based on the final listing and nominations. Match 1 will be 1 v 4, Match 2 will be 2 v 3, Match 3 will be 5 v 8 and Match 4 will be 6 v 7. The Grader will then have to randomly draw the boxes (1 or 3) that each greyhound starts from.


The overall winner of the local Match Race series will be guaranteed a spot in the State of Origin Match race series (SA V Vic) in September so long as it is nominated and eligible to represent SA.


·       Nominations close Monday, 6th April with GRSA at 9.00am.


It will be a super nights racing which will also include the 2020 Easter Cup Final over the 600m as well as normal graded events which should be a fantastic programme of racing.