Murray Bridge Greyhound Racing Club

The brand new Murray Bridge greyhound racing track opened for racing in December 2018, with the venue officially opened by SA Racing Minister Hon. Corey Wingard on February 3rd, 2019.



The following information seeks to provide participants with everything they need to know in regards to racing and trialing at the Murray Bridge Greyhound Racing Club.


Getting to the track

The address of the new facility is 2 Kennett Road, Murray Bridge East. Participants travelling from the Adelaide direction can choose two different routes to get to the track.
The first is via the Murray Bridge town centre. Simply take the first Murray Bridge exit off the Princes Highway, then travel approximately 7km down Adelaide Road, through the town centre, cross the Murray River, then take a right turn into Kennett Road.
Alternatively, participants can avoid the Murray Bridge town centre by staying on the Princess Highway for an additional 9km, turning left onto Old Princess Highway and then traveling approximately 6km back to the west before turning left into Kennett Road. This route would also be for participants travelling from the south-east.


Racing Information

Racing at the new Murray Bridge facility has commenced on the 1-turn track in December, with straight racing set to commence soon.

Currently racing is held every Sunday night from approximately 4:30pm and every alternate Wednesday lunch time.

Check race calendars for race dates and start times.


Trialling Schedule

From 6pm Tuesday and 8am Friday.
STAT and Qualys once a month to be run at 6.50pm – 7.15pm the same as Angle Park.


1-Turn Track Details

Participants visiting Murray Bridge will note the sheer size of the new 1-turn track in comparison to the existing tracks in SA. The 640-metre circumference of the circuit is substantially bigger than Angle Park (457m), Gawler (492m), Strathalbyn (443m) and Port Augusta (520m). The term ‘1-Turn’ track (sometimes called horseshoe track) refers to the majority of racing occurring around the home bend.

The following table gives a rough indication of expected race times and splits at the new track:

Travel times

Participants should be aware of the following travel times (times and distances sourced from Google Maps, travel times may vary depending on the day and time of travel):
•  Angle Park to Murray Bridge GRC - 1 hour 17 minutes (89km)
•  Gawler to Murray Bridge GRC - 1 hour 15 minutes (92km)
•  Two Wells to Murray Bridge GRC - 1 hour 45 minutes (120km)
•  Port Augusta to Murray Bridge GRC - 4 hours 9 minutes (367km)
•  Barmera to Murray Bridge GRC - 2 hour 12 minutes (207km)
•  Keith to Murray Bridge GRC - 1 hour 36 minutes (152km)
•  Mount Gambier to Murray Bridge GRC - 3 hour 47 minutes (361km)


Operational Areas

Participants will need to quickly become familiar with the new venue for both race meetings and trial days. To assist in this process, the following map highlights the key areas that trainers should be aware of when bringing their greyhounds to the track.
The internals of the buildings should be very familiar to most participants, as their designs are based on facilities at the Gawler track. Participants enter the kennel house directly into the control area and it has a long hallway with 12 race kennel bays to the left. The wash bays are located on the verandah of the kennel house.
The patron building is loosely based on the Gawler equivalent and will feel very familiar to participants. Whilst it is not a double storey building, it is still elevated above the race tracks and has great views of the tracks and surrounds.
The empty out area that will be used for the first few months will become a public access area in the long term, however the maintenance team will need to establish a decent cover of grass to the right of the trainer’s carpark before the empty out area can be relocated.


The Committee is now in place at Murray Bridge Greyhound Racing Club:

Tony Hinrichsen (President)
Ryan Tugwell (Vice President]
Derek Anderson
Yvonne King
Trevor Dave
Tracey Davey (Secretary).
Pat Moule


You become a member of the Murray Bridge Greyhound Racing Club!

We encourage participants who are likely to have a regular involvement with the track to get involved. The application form can be found on this link and trainers can also benefit from our all inclusive membership now available by clicking here.

Any enquiries can be directed to Tracey Davey via email at