Doug Frith Charity Art Auction


Paintings are available online on the Lloyds Auction's website:

'The Roughie' - click here to view

'The Green Collar' - click here to view


Doug's Story

"My experience with the disease began when I was told I had cancer in my right bottom eye lid and in the eye socket. At first I thought the doctors had made a mistake but once it hit home, all and everything I do in my everyday life came to a big stop. I was told I would possibly lose my right eye, which being an artist meant not painting and many other things would become harder. I thought I was unstoppable and always thought I'd never get cancer but I did. The mental stress not only on me but my family was huge but once I started chemo treatment, I could start to feel a difference and see it working. 7 months later, I'm off the medication with all tests telling us the tumor has shrunk away and has gone. I got lucky, many people don't.

I've been involved in art for 20 years, the 2 pieces I'm auctioning are about my long involvement in greyhound racing and the style of art work is what I call 'modern outback style or naive'.     

I think what made me want to sell these works for cancer research is that I feel I'm doing my part to help fund for research to find new answers about cancer and new ways to fight it.                        

Using an auction system is a great way to get work out there for people to see it and buy it, the 2 pieces I'm selling via Lloyds Auctions, who are without doubt the Gold Coast's premier auctioneers and valuers. All my works go through them. 

What would the world be with out cancer? BLOODY GREAT! No sick people, no pain for anyone and no losing loved ones too soon."

For further information:
Amanda at Lloyds Auctions on 0421 555 973 or email or James at GRSA Marketing on 8243 7120 or email