Trainers Workshops 2016

Greyhound Racing SA Trainer Workshop

1 November 2016

All current licensed trainers are required to attend a greyhound workshop to assess their competencies.  Currently, workshops are open for the following dates and times.  Please select your preferred option and contact Renee on (08) 8243 7113

Please note all workshops are restricted to six participants per sessions.

Greyhound Racing SA Trainer Workshop Schedule

It is a requirement of all registered owner trainers and public trainers to attend one 3 hour workshop session. All efforts will be made to have workshops available as per calendar however, they are subject to change depending on participant workshop bookings. View calendar below or download by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions can be read underneath the calendar or downloaded by clicking here.



When will the workshops start?
GRSA will commence workshops on the 14th November and continue through with a scheduled calendar of workshops across various locations until end of February 2017. The calendar is available on GRSA website, GRSA registered participants Facebook page and Kennel Capers.

Where will the workshops be held?
Workshops are being held at Angle Park, Gawler, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta and Strathalbyn. The calendar of workshops indicating times, dates and locations is available on GRSA website, GRSA registered participants Facebook page and Kennel Capers.

I don’t live near any of the locations of the scheduled workshops?
We will attempt to make sure very trainer can access the workshops. Please call and discuss your concerns with Renee at GRSA on 8243 7113.

How will I find out when the workshops are on?
Workshops are being held at Angle Park, Gawler, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta and Strathalbyn. The calendar of workshops indicating times, dates and locations is available on GRSA website, GRSA registered participants Facebook page, Kennel Capers and via a text message.

How will I book in for a workshop?
You can book in for workshops by calling Renee Colquhoun, Licensing and Integrity Officer at GRSA on 8243 7113. Renee will take your details and register you for the workshop. Renee will then send you an enrolment pack which will need to be completed and returned three days prior to you attending the workshop.

Who can help me with completing the enrolment forms?
Call Renee at GRSA on 8243 7113 will be happy to assist you with the enrolment process and necessary forms.

What will the workshop cost?
The workshop is free to all Licensed Greyhound Trainers. GRSA is absorbing all costs for these workshops.

Who will be required to attend?
All GRSA current licenced trainers.

Why are licenced trainers required to attend the workshops?
GRSA are providing these compulsory workshops to align with a National approach to benchmarking minimum standards of competency for all Greyhound Trainers. In future, this level of competency will form part of the relicensing requirements.

I have been a trainer for years – they can’t teach me anything….
It was decided at a National level that every greyhound trainer in the country will undertake some level of recognised competency standards assessment. The workshops are not an education session. Instead they are an opportunity for GRSA to find out what you know so that we can show that our trainers have a recognised level of competency when working with greyhounds. If you have many years’ experience you will find the process easy.

What if I have a trainer’s licence and don’t currently train any greyhounds?
If you want to continue to hold your trainers licence with GRSA you will need to attend the workshop regardless if you currently train a greyhound. This includes people who hold a trainers licence but haven’t trained for many years.

Who is running the workshop?
GRSA is partnering with Racing College Queensland who are a Registered Training Organisation. This means they are registered to deliver nationally accredited industry training programs. Racing Queensland has already delivered the same program to all licensed greyhound trainers.

Why will Dr Jane McNicholl be there?
Racing College Queensland operates within the National Vocational Education regulations. As such they require someone with the correct qualifications to assess the competency of greyhound participants. More importantly this person must have skills and experience working with greyhounds. Dr McNicholl is the best fit for this role.

How will the workshop be delivered?
The workshops will be delivered in small groups of 6 in a relaxed a causal environment. The workshop will run for three hours and covers both theory and practical skills.

What will be covered in the workshop?
The workshop covers the health care, nutritional requirements and education and training of greyhounds.

Why do I have to bring a greyhound?
Some of the workshop will require you to demonstrate your practical skills handling a greyhound. Kennelling facilitates will be available. You can bring a racing or retired greyhound.

What if I don’t have a greyhound?
When you book in for the workshop, please book in with another trainer who is willing to work in a pair with you for the practical sessions. Or we can attempt to match you up with someone who consents to you sharing their greyhounded for the practical demonstration in the workshop.

Reading and writing are not my strong point. Is this a test?
This is not an exam or a test of your academic skills. There will be someone on hand to assist with the understanding and completion of the workshop. However, if you have concerns about participating in the workshop please call and discuss these in confidence with Renee at GRSA on 8243 7113.

What do I bring to the workshop?
Please bring a Greyhound to use in practical demonstrations. All other items will be provided by the facilitator including pens, paper, tea and coffee.

What do I get at the end of the workshop?
Upon successful completion of the workshop you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (certificate) for 4 units of competency from the Qualification of RGR40408 Certificate IV in Racing (Greyhound Trainer).

What do I need to do with the Statement of Attainment (certificate)?
You will need to provide GRSA with a copy of your Statement of Attainment when you renew your licence. You can provide this to Renee at GRSA at any time.

What if I am thinking about applying for a trainers licence?
Apply as per normal. You will be advised or the requirements going forward.