Time Based Grading

As part of GRSA’s commitment to long term animal welfare solutions, the Racing Department is continuing to investigate options to provide ongoing racing opportunities for greyhounds of all abilities. This commitment has seen the introduction of Pathway Racing to the SA racing schedule over the past year, an initiative that continues to evolve.

The next logical step in the evolution of the grading system is to provide a framework that analyses a greyhound’s true ability (speed or time) and places them accordingly. The recent visit by leading Irish trainer Dolores Ruth provided an insight into the benefits of time based grading (which is used in Ireland and the UK) and how it can be used successfully in Australia.
On Wednesday 19th October, GRSA will conduct its first ever meeting graded based on times. The following document explains the conditions of that meeting and the methodology to be used by the Racing Department in grading the meeting. 

For all the information on how Time Based Grading will operate, please download the below PDF.


For the National Time Grading Bands information, please download the below PDF.