Generally used to describe the starting position drawn in an event.
Interference received by the greyhound during a race, possibly causing the greyhound to lose momentum and time (lengths) in that race.
Used to describe the distance covered by runners in a race from the front of the starting box to the finish line. Generally measured 1 metre out from the rail.
Generally used to describe the combined runners in a race.
Form Guide
A publication listing the race performances of the greyhounds in a specific race
Generally used to describe the recent performances of a greyhound.
Used to describe the classification of a specific race, and/or the classification of a greyhound at a specific Racetrack and distance.
Describes a greyhound that has yet to win a race, and/or to describe a specific grade of race for greyhounds yet to win a race.
The lengths between each greyhound during and race and across the finishing line (a length = ~0.07s)
A person Registered for the purpose of owning a Registered greyhound eligible to be nominated for a race or event.
Qualifying Trial
Trials that are conducted by a Race Club under race conditions to select greyhounds for inclusion into a specific race or event.
Race Program
A listing of the races/events to be conducted at a specific meeting, the names of greyhounds and trainers, the official box draw, and may include the recent form of the greyhounds engaged. May also be used to list proposed races/events to be held at a specific venue at a future date.
May be used to describe a specific race venue and/or the actual running surface and area set aside for the conduct of a race or event.
Used to describe the actual race/event.
When a greyhound moves to the inside of the field and follows the rail during a race.
A Stud dog that is the Registered father of a specific greyhound.
When a greyhound has a break from racing (e.g. injury).
Split Times
The time (seconds) in which the leading greyhound or greyhounds approached the designated section of the track.
Starting Boxes
The boxes where the greyhounds commence the start of the race.
A registered member of GRSA who cares and outlays training regimes for racing or potential racing greyhounds.
Can be solo, double or in a half-field, where greyhounds go around a racing track similar to race conditions obtaining split and overall time for an indication of performance.
Whelping Date
The date a litter of pups were born.
Wide (running wide)
When a greyhound moves to the outside of the field during a race.