Punter's Corner

Why Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing is action packed, fast paced and thrilling to be part of.  It makes up one of the three main racing codes in SA and it's no surprise that our share is growing. Our facilities are equal to any other racing or sporting complex in South Australia and we have a total of seven racing tracks throughout SA.

Why bet on greyhounds

  • As there are only 8 dogs per race, it's easy to back a winner.
  • Races start every 15 to 20 minutes with meetings held across Australia most days of the week so there's always live action.
  • Races only last around 30 seconds so if you've picked the winner, you'll see a quick return.
  • No human intervention

Some essential statistics to study when betting on greyhound races are the total number of wins the different boxes have had on the racetrack, which trainers have prepared the most winners, and the dog’s previous and split time records on the track. Also important in regards to the starting boxes, is that certain greyhounds run better from particular box numbers, so look at the best starting box for the running style of the dog.

Form guides and fields

There is a wide variety of information available to help with your selections.  Choose your experience level below.

First time Punter

If you aren't familiar with the dogs or don't have much time to spend on research, simply choose a dog from each race and enter that number on your betting slip.  

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Social Punter

If you have some experience with the dogs and want to do a little research, view the form guide every Thursday and select your dogs.

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Pro Punter

If you're into the stats and you want all the information available on every race and every greyhound, register as a member.  Once registered you'll have access to The Expert, The Wrapper, and you'll have the ability to track your favourite greyhounds, trainers and tracks using the exclusive TheDogs.com.au "my blackbook kennel".


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