Grading Guidelines (amended 6/12/16)  26kb PDF

Order of Preference (City/Provincial Tracks and Country Tracks) 21kb PDF

Grading Policy 

Greyhound Racing SA is mindful of the great importance of having a Grading System that is fair to both Owners and Trainers and provides a consistent balance to our race programs at each meeting.  

To help us achieve our goals GRSA in August 2001 established a Grading Review Panel to aid the Industry in monitoring the Grading process. The Panel currently meet on an annual basis, current as of 06/11/2015 members of the panel are:

  •  Matt Corby (CEO - GRSA)
  • Shaun Mathieson (Racing Manager – GRSA)   
  • Greg Barber (Grader – GRSA)
  • Chris Doyle (Industry Board Member)
  • Anthony McLean (Industry Member)
  • Neil Mann (Industry Member)
  • Petar Jovanovic (Industry Member)
  • John Vivian (Industry Member)
  • Kim Johnstone (Industry Member)
  • Ben Rawlings (Industry Member)
  • Barry Shepheard (Industry Member)

Grading in SA is based around the Grading Guidelines and City and Country Order of Preferences. The Grading Review Panel continues to review these and other issues. Industry participants are encouraged to make submissions on grading issues for the panel to discuss.

SHAUN MATHIESON (Racing Manager)

(GRSA is currently reviewing their procedures for all Industry Panel Groups)