Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club Puppy Auction


It is great to be part of the action of Greyhound Racing!

However, there are some important aspects to consider before purchasing a greyhound.

How much can you expect to pay for a greyhound?

This can depend on the age, breeding and history of the parents. But as a guide in the 2016 Puppy Auction, pups were sold between $800 and $10,500. The average pup was sold for $3,500.

What is the cost of for rearing, breaking in and pre-training up until Race Age?

Boarding/rearing: as a guide most rearing establishments charge $50 to $70 per week per pup, so if you but a pup at say 5 months of age it will cost you about $2,000 before they are ready to be educated at a track at 12 to 14 months.
Breaking in: is when they are educated to come out of boxes and chase an artificial lure – As a guide this is usually $100-150 per week for 4 weeks. Plus transport of about $150 to $250 to freight the greyhound to the breaking in establishment and back.
Pre-training: as a guide this usually costs from $75-$100 per week for a 8 to 16 week period depending on the dog before they are ready to race at around 18 to 24 months of age.

Are there any other costs?

You need to allow for vet costs to worm, and immunise the greyhound. There may be additional vet bills depending on the overall health of the animal. There are also costs to register your greyhound with its race name which costs up to $55.

At what age do they start racing?

They cannot officially race in South Australia until they are 16 months old. However because they are considered “pups” this may take longer depending on their ability to mature to race standard.

What do I need to do to become an owner?

You must be a licensed owner and registered with your local governing body. This means that there is paperwork and information you must provide  to Greyhound Racing SA. There is no cost involved. However in doing so, you must then abide by all rules as documented by the governing body.

How much does it cost to have a greyhound trained?

Once a greyhound is ready to race, many trainers will not charge a fee but will go 50:50, that is, they share half the prize money. Others will train your greyhound for a set amount each week (for example, $70 per week) and take a smaller percentage (for example, 25%) of any prize money generated by the greyhound. The owner is responsible for Veterinary fees. It is important to discuss the training costs with your chosen trainer prior to training commencing.

What are the rewards?

It is a great thrill to watch your greyhound race and share the enjoyment with friends. The advantages of owning a greyhound rather than a horse, apart from it being less expensive, is that you get to see them race more often, many race every week or every 10 days, they do not need to be spelled for several months and at the end of their career they make a great pet or you can have them adopted through the Greyhound Adoption Program South Australia (GAP SA).

On Thursday nights in Adelaide, greyhounds race for prize money of around $2,500 for the winner, but some of the group races around Australia are worth as much as $100,000 to the winner. Locally bred greyhounds Luna Jinx, Fabregal and Worm Burner have all won significant prizemoney in SA and interstate.

The Puppy Auction has provided many success stories with a number of pups having great careers, including:

2014 Auction
Ruff State – 81 starts  |  28 wins  |  $55,000 (Prizemoney)
Springvale Bryne – 81 starts  |  28 wins  |  $115,000
Team Roper – 31 starts  |  15 wins  |  $40,00

2015 Auction
Aston Hinkley – 22 starts  |  8 wins  |  $9,000
Kung Fu Mary – 21 starts  |  10 wins  |  $25,000
Optic Blast – 24 starts  |  7 wins  |  $14,000
Oh No Beta – 42 starts  |  10 wins  |  $9,000


For breeders looking to enter their puppy into the Auction, please use the form below:

2017 AGRC/GRSA Puppy Auction Entry Form