Glossary of Terms

 Breaking In

Greyhound school which consists of a training regime that is designed to prepare the greyhound for the race track.


The mother of a greyhound.

Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA)

An independant body established to oversee the commerical and integrity interests of the greyhound industry in South Australia.

Greyhound Australasia

Australia's peak greyhound racing body with representatives from each state's governing bodies.


A mechanical device which the greyhounds chase.


The early stage of training a greyhound in controlled manner before they are broken in.


The father of a greyhound.


Either conducted solo or with other greyhounds, running at a track in conditions similar to racing where an indication of how the greyhound is preforming can be obtained.

Whelping Date

The birth date for a litter of pups.


A term used to describe the slowing down, changing in stride or direction of a greyhound when its path is blocked or interfered with in a race.

Photo Finish

In every race, a camera automatically takes a rolling photo as each greyhound crosses the finishing line. This photo is used to ensure that all greyhounds have been declared in the correct finishing order.


A term to describe the withdrawal of a greyhound from a race. Common reasons for this are injury or illness.


A term used to describe the period of time a greyhound is resting from racing and training.


Officials at a race meeting who have the responsibility of enforcing the rules of racing.