Owning a Greyhound

Owning a Greyhound

Owning a greyhound can be a fantastic experience as you follow its growth and development. One of the oldest breeds of dog domesticated by man, greyhounds possess great stamina and endurance, in addition to being both intelligent and gentle animals.

It is for their remarkable speed, however, that they are renowned. Capable of running up to 60 kph when in full flight, greyhounds are the 18th fastest land mammal and are born racers. They can, for instance, cover 520 metres in just under 30 seconds, which is twice the speed of an Olympic athlete.

In greyhound racing rewards can be, either on a personal, social or financial level. The thrill of owning, training or breeding a winner is always special and winning memories are never forgotten.

Over 8,000 participants are the backbone of our multi million-dollar industry that has made great progress in recent years.

The opportunity to get involved in greyhound racing as an owner has never been so easy.

There are a number of ways that people just like you can get involved in the excitement of greyhound racing.