Becoming a Trainer


Becoming a trainer

Becoming a greyhound trainer can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. Confirming your ultimate decision to become a trainer will require a little research. We recommend that prior to making any decisions on greyhound training, you familiarise yourself with the greyhound racing rule book and grading guidelines.

It would also be advisable to talk to any trainers that you already know who may give you an indication of the time and resource commitments needed to become a successful trainer. When deciding to become a greyhound trainer you will enter into an industry that is passionate about the sport of greyhound racing and even more passionate about the elite animal itself. The process involved in becoming a greyhound trainer while being relatively simple is designed to ensure that the people entering our industry are doing so with the right intentions and have the welfare of the greyhound at heart at all times.

Once you are registered as a Trainer with Greyhound Racing South Australia you are free to train and nominate your registered greyhound/s for any race meetings conducted by the Greyhound Industry Racing Authorities.