Greyhound of the Month
  1. Current Members of the 2021 SA Greyhound of the Year (GOTY) Judging Panel are Todd Gray, Grant Stewart, Tim Edwards, Josh Evans, Matthew Herrmann, Shaun Mathieson and Greg Barber.

  2. After each calendar month of racing, each panellist will be asked to vote for the SA Greyhound of the Month (GOTM) by nominating a 1st choice (4 votes), 2nd choice (2 votes) and 3rd choice (1 vote). The GOTM is to be SA Trained.

  3. Votes are tallied and a GOTM winner announced. In the case of one or more greyhounds having the equal highest number of votes, they will be named equal winners for that month.
  4. All GOTM winners, including equal winners, will be considered when the GOTY Judging Panel selects the finalists for the GOTY. The panel may consider other greyhounds that may not have won a GOTM for the GOTY finalists. To be eligible for GOTY, a finalist must have been domiciled and trained in South Australia in the year of the award for a period of not less than 120 days.

  5. When casting votes for the GOTY, the panel is to pay particular attention to all South Australian race starts, but also take into account achievements out of the state in that year.

  6. The race records and achievements for the year of all GOTM winners and relevant others greyhounds will be sent to each member of the Judging Panel prior to selection of GOTY Finalists. Panel members may request greyhounds to be included in the list for consideration.

  7. A meeting shall be convened of the GOTY Judging Panel at which the panel will be asked to select five finalists to be included for voting purposes to establish the GOTY. This meeting will also select Finalists for the SA Distance GOTY, SA Sprint GOTY and SA Bred GOTY.

  8. The names of the selected finalists and voting slips and envelope will be sent to each member of the Judging Panel.

  9. Members of the Judging Panel will be asked to cast their votes by nominating a 1st choice (5 points), 2nd choice (4 points), 3rd choice (3 points), 4th choice (2 points) and 5th choice (1 point) and place the voting slip in the envelope provided and return.

  10. Once all votes have been received, the CEO of Greyhound Racing SA, Racing Manager and Integrity Manager will open the sealed envelopes and tally the votes (1st choice = 5 points, 2nd choice = 4 points, 3rd choice = 3 points, 4th choice = 2 points and 5th choice = 1 point).

  11. The greyhound with the highest number of points will be named GOTY. In the case of one or more greyhounds having the equal highest number of votes, they will be named equal winners.

  12. The GOTY winners’ name/s will be announced at a function on a date and at a venue to be determined by Greyhound Racing SA.