SA Bred Paymet Scheme

Below is a rundown on how the SA Bred bonus scheme works:

From 1st July 2011 Greyhound Racing SA increased the pool of money by $10,000 making the pool available now $30,000 for SA Bred Greyhounds. Every SA Bred Greyhound that wins a SKY Racing meeting in SA receives $100 from this pool which is divided between the owner and the breeder. If they happen to be the same person then they will receive the full $100. 

If, at the end of, a given month there are 100 SA Bred winners throughout the month then $10,000 is paid out of the $30,000. The remaining $20,000 will then be divided between the 100 winners and then paid to both the owner and the breeder. The figure will vary each month depending on SKY Racing winners however Greyhound Racing SA will pay $30,000 each month to SA Bred greyhounds on top of prize money. GRSA increased the monthly bonus to now include the Breeders. 

For example:

Reigning SA Bred Greyhound of the Year Goosebumps, is one of South Australia's top greyhounds. She has had a terrific career currently winning 28 races from 58 starts, collecting around $45,000 in stakes so far for the Payne's.

SA Bred, Goosebumps in action at Angle Park

 Goosebumps is owned by Nadine Payne and Stanley Payne and bred by Matthew Payne and Barry Stewart, so for each win Goosebumps has in South Australia at a SKY racing venue she will provide them with an extra $100, $50 for the owner and $50 for the breeder. On top of this the owners and breeders will receive a monthly bonus which is dependent upon how many SA Bred winners each month at a SKY venue. 

Therefore on top of prizemoney Goosebumps up until 23rd April has also earned;

Prior to 1st July 2011

17x $100 (SA Bred winning bonus)
17x $123 (SA Owner monthly bonus - Average)
1 x $123 ( Maiden bonus)

After July 1st 2011

11x $100 (SA Bred winning bonus)
11 x $110 (SA Owner and Breeder monthly bonus - Average)

Total equalling $6,226 extra for her owners and breeders.