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Racing Form
Mt Gambier   11/10/2015 12:14 PM
Strathalbyn   11/10/2015 5:56 PM
Angle Park   12/10/2015 6:08 PM
Gawler   13/10/2015 12:20 PM
Angle Park   14/10/2015 12:05 PM

All race start times are in Eastern Standard Time

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  • Fernando Bale shines in SA 10/10/2015 Fernando Bale creates history in SA Adelaide Cup  Read More »
  • Flying Fernando 09/10/2015 A win tonight in the Adelaide Cup Final will make him the first dog in the WORLD to reach the one million dollar mark. Be sure you are at Angle Park for the 2015 #AdlCup tonight to see history in the making. Watch him tonight at Angle Park, Race 8.  Read More »
  • Angle Park Preview 09/10/2015 Greyhound enthusiasts from around Australia will have their Sky channel set to 519 at 8.58pm Adelaide time to watch the exciting Fernando Bale grace the angle park loam and on recent form he will add to his string of wins and claim the 2015 Adelaide Cup Final.  Read More »

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